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The Truth About Moisturiser and Oil Which Is Better for Your Hair?

WHY OIL IS NOT A MOISTURISER I have had many people, either through conversations or messages, ask me “Refilwe I have been using the butter and other oils on my hair, but it still is not soft and moisturised. Is the problem with me?” It is very important for me to clear out this issue. […]

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The Big Chop – The Begining

Some are bold enough to go for the big chop as soon as the urge arises. I know of women who have simply picked up the scissors or marched straight to the hair salon to chop their hair off out of frustration. I was never that bold. I love women that can rock the bald look, confidently […]

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GloLooks Celebrates Moms this Mothers Day

Moms win this Mothers Day!!   You are more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31vs10 The first teacher we ever have in life is our mother. She is our first role model; friend; and love. She is the only one who knows the sound of our hearts from the inside. We are all blessed with mother […]

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