The Truth About Moisturiser and Oil Which Is Better for Your Hair?


I have had many people, either through conversations or messages, ask me “Refilwe I have been using the butter and other oils on my hair, but it still is not soft and moisturised. Is the problem with me?”

It is very important for me to clear out this issue. Oils do not and won’t soften and moisturise yur hair. This is because water is what moisturises hair, not oils. For soft and moisturised hair, you would need to make use of both the Glolooks Moisturising Spray and The Sealant Butter.

When moisturising, the water-based product must always be applied first:

  1. Apply the moisturising spray generously onto hair
  2. Then seal in that moisture with the sealant butter by applying it on the hair, covering the hair from root to tip

Following these two steps, as and when needed by your hair, will ensure that your hair not only receives the moisture it needs but that moisture is retained. Many people who are transitioning to natural hair or have natural hair, complain about hair breakage. The common cause of hair breakage is lack of moisture.

Water is vital for moisturising hair. Any product that does not have water will not act as a moisturiser.

Oils should therefore be used for:

  • Scalp massages (Glolooks Protective Oil treatment)
  • Pre-shampoo hot oil treatments and (Glolooks Protective Oil treatment)
  • Sealing in moisture (Glolooks Sealant Butter)


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