The Big Chop – The Begining

Some are bold enough to go for the big chop as soon as the urge arises. I know of women who have simply picked up the scissors or marched straight to the hair salon to chop their hair off out of frustration. I was never that bold.

I love women that can rock the bald look, confidently so. I always just wonder what I would look like without hair. The bald look definitely alleviates the many hours spent on treating our hair due to low maintenance involved. But I’d ask myself if it would really be worth risking the possibility of looking and feeling weird without my hair, my crown.

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Many of us would love to rock the bald look but wonder if it will look as good on us as it does on the women we admire.


After months of deliberation, I devised a strategy that would help me take this big step.

  1. Find meaning in doing it
  2. Set a date and stick to it
  3. Just do it
  4. Remember that it will grow back


Things to do before big chop:

  1. Make sure that you’re your hair is clean. So, wash; condition and moisturise your hair thoroughly
  2. Section your hair in neat twists.

Getting it done:

I would not recommend cutting your own hair, unless this is something that you have done before. Travel to the hair salon with your twist. This will make it easy for the hairstylist to chop off each section neatly.


I must say, that one goes through a number of emotions. You might not even recognise yourself, but hey, maybe a fresh start is exactly what is needed. There is a general feeling of liberation as defined by an individual. Free from biased beauty standards, free from harmful chemicals, even free from self.


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